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YURU helps companies create environments that promote passion, trust, creativity and innovation. Why? It’s simple. Success, in our opinion, cannot thrive without them – whether you are searching for your next great investment, a distinguishing competitive advantage, looking to increase productivity, revenue, and profits, or aspiring to create a culture that stands out from the pack.  YURU also assists investors, economic development organizations, and non-profit organizations enhance and grow their global reach, economic impact, and relationships in a world of global interdependence.

We begin by helping leaders hone a clear vision that is aligned with their organization’s mission and stakeholders. Our real-world experience has proven time and time again that when shareholders trust management, clients feel valued, employees reach their full potential, and corporate actions parallel social needs, results far exceed those achieved through traditional business models.

We combine our decades of international investment experience, economic backgrounds, and a progressive view of the future and where business and investment is heading to offer our clients the very best in strategic and execution skills that help them not only achieve, but exceed their goals.

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“I worked with Kathy for several years; at times on a daily basis. She is energetic, smart and creative, contributing greatly to the success of the organizations she has worked with. Kathy’s accessibility and sense of humor makes her extremely well liked and very effective as a leader.”

Kenneth Moore | Former MD | ORIX Finance

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